I’m Wolf4D.
I founded this place to share my work and thoughts. My profession: aerospace engineer – a programmer, leader and dreamer.
My childhood dream – is to create a new article life. To create new worlds with my own hands behind the thin edge of the monitor. Behind that edge, which is easily destroyed by the mind of any real player.

Nice to meet you, stranger.

But why «MADNESS»?

They say: engaging in a good game, you meet face to face with shadow, hidden sides of yours personality. Challenging virtual images, we learn to overcome something bad inside us – fear, anger, impulsiveness, dark fantasies. That’s the really good game stands for.

The game should touch the deepest strings in your soul. The game should look at the world from a strange angle. And for this you need not to be afraid to go with the player to where in the light of the day is impossible to come. Into the abandoned depths of the realms of imagination where in darkness our unnamable dwells. Where ethereal phantoms, ghosts and evil spirits lurks in the depth of our unconscious.

Where it hides what is called madness.