Shadow Transform

Shadow Transform

When you make a game, there comes a time to rearrange objects in your level. Let’s move that rock to the left by three meters. Then we’ll try to slightly move a building, then drag monsters around, then swap two rooms, then… Later, after a week of tests, you’ve realized that rock, in general, was in an ideal spot.

So, how to return it back without un-doing other changes?

…does anybody remember where exactly that rock was?​

ShadowTransform is a tool that stores previous positions for your objects (as well as their scale and rotation) — and allows you to return back to any moment. Switch between old and new positions as you want. In one click. After any number of changes. When you can effortlessly switch between different variants of arrangement of objects, gameplay tests becomes much more comfortable.

New opportunities:

  • Easy gameplay twicking — save a position for your monster, then drag it to another place, remember the second position. Now you can switch between positions with one button. Great for play-tests!
  • Temporary alterations of the level — move object «A» here, then move objects «B» and «C» there. How to return «A» in place without touching «B» and «C»? Our component will do it for you any time you want.
  • Separate testing for parts of a level — save multiple start positions for player and switch between them in one click. Works even when game is playing!

Powerful tool for gameplay testing,
temporary rearrangement of your levels
or intensive A/B testing
now is in your hands!